The Freezer bundle is the perfect accompaniment to the fridge bundle! Each label is ready designed for you to stick straight to your freezer drawer. Please ensure that when applying your label to your fridge door you take the drawer/door out and apply the label at room temperature. Once stuck the label will last in the freezer no problem at all! Don’t forget you get a label for free included in each bundle!

The biggest label is made to a max width of 8 inches. The overall height does not exceed 2 inches however please note if you select the Rosie or Willows font the height on some of the words reaches 2.5 inches.

What’s Included?

All: height max 1.5 inch and length max 3 inch.

Name of label Size of label
Meat x2 Max width 8 Inches
Vegetables x2 Max width 8 Inches
Ice Cream Max width 8 Inches
Chips Max width 8 Inches
Leftovers Max width 8 Inches
Other Max width 8 Inches
Fish Max width 8 Inches

Glitter Available!

Order your bundle in our NEW Glitter option (+£4.50).