Pick from 33 designs! Each design is set but you can choose your text and font to get your clothing items ready for the new school year.
Each order includes a sheet of 33 labels in a single design.
Please note the more text the smaller it will read.
Please ensure you follow the care instructions. Labels can be applied to cotton, denim, flags, bunting, poly/cotton.
Care instructions:
Labels can be washed up to 40 degrees in a washing machine. Allow labels to adhere for 24 hours before washing.
We advise air drying as tumble drying may affect wear of the label.
Application instructions:

Remove Application Film/Application tape with the labels attached Rubbing gently and then lift the tape (this will hold your nametag in place)

Place your nametag on your garment and firmly press down.
Set your iron to maximum heat – Please turn off the steam function
Place a sheet of silicon paper (greaseproof paper) over the top of the area.
Iron firmly for 30 secs.
Slowly peel away the application tape.
Iron again for 5 seconds with silicon paper (greaseproof) over your nametag