Label Sizes
Weather – Max height 6 inches
Patterned Numbers – Max height 5.5 inches
Counting Numbers – Max height 7.5 inches max width 7.5 inches
Wall Art Application Instructions
All walls should have an undercoat followed by 2 top coats with adequate drying time between coats.
Allow 4 weeks for the second paint coat to dry and settle before application of any wall art.


Long Term Use
This will have a gloss finish that protects the label and makes it water resistant, Oil and Scratch proof. Perfect for long term use especially in a learning setting. 
They will be able to be removed from the walls however it cannot be guaranteed that the paint will not be lifted when removed. 
Short Term Use – Currently Out Of Stock
These labels will have a matt finish. The labels will be removable. While the manufacturer of the product states it will not lift paint, it will depend on your application of the paint prior to the label application. Therefore I cannot guarantee that after being left on the wall they will not ever remove paint. 
This is the best option to go for a shorter term application. Removable Wall art is not waterproof but can be wiped lightly using a damp cloth. Do not scrub on the image or the image will fade.